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Here at The Whimsical Bead, we stock a range of tools & supplies to assist you in unleashing your creativity!

You are sure to find something that suits the medium you work in – polymer, metal, resin, beading, mixed media (plus more!) – we’ve got a range of products to suit.  Along with our range of Sculpey polymer clays, we also specialise in high quality blanks, bezels and jewellery making findings and stock a large variety of other products such as texture mats, cutters, stringing material, inks and paints plus more.
We also have a large range of tools for polymer clay, beading, metal/bench work plus more.

A lot of the products we stock compliment the workshops we run, so if students enjoy the techniques they have learned in a class, they are immediately able to purchase the supplies/tools to enable them to continue at home.

All of the products we stock are quality products. Dani believes very strongly in this and as a result The Whimsical Bead does not sell products that she would not use herself.

Dani also believe strongly in supporting local and small business and artists and will do so wherever possible whether this be through supplies, workshops or artwork.

As many of you know, Dani suffers from multiple chronic illnesses and unfortunately due to these, as of 1st July 2017 (and after 10 years of trading online), the online supply store was closed. This was not an easy decision and not taken lightly, but because of the success of Studio workshops/events/sales Dani was so busy at the studio and her health could not handle the added pressure of the online store.

Now, due to COVID-19 and our workshops & studio sales having to slow, it seems like a perfect time to slowly reintroduce products into the online store.
This is going to be an ongoing process and the reality is that all our stock will likely never be available online - visiting (once we can reopen again due to COVID) will always be your best bet, however this store will give those of you who can't visit, a chance to view at least some of our range!
If there is something you would like that you can't find, we encourage you to send through requests/orders via email/text/phone etc. You can also contact us via our Instagram & Facebook pages. Dani is happy to send you photos and answer any questions you may have.

Special/Custom Orders and Enquiries are welcome.
Gift Vouchers in any denomination are also available.

Thank you so much for supporting small business!