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The Whimsical Bead

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Handmade Titanium Shepherds Ear Hooks



These ear hooks have a large hook with a big loop for multiple attachments.

These titanium hooks are handmade in  Melbourne and have been filed, hardened and tumbled for several hours to a smooth finish.

Titanium is valued for its hardness and non-tarnish quality. It is nickel free and copper free meaning its an excellent choice for customers with metal sensitivities.

Hooks are 22mm long x 11mm wide with a large 7mm loop. Wire thickness is 0.8mm (20 gauge).

Price is per pair.


– Please note, as these are made by a real person with their own two hands, slight variations between hooks may happen. Please be prepared for this.

– Whilst we take care to represent this product as true to life as possible, please understand that we can’t guarantee colours due to differences in monitors/screens/resolution etc.

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