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Whilst our online supply store may be closed for the time being, make no mistake we’re still open for business, are receiving new stock every day and not going anywhere!

As many of you would know, especially those who have visited the studio and attended our 10th Birthday Celebrations last September, the last few years have been quite difficult for me health wise.
I’ve suffered from chronic health issues for the past 20 or so years and have numerous conditions that make life more challenging than I’d like!
I’ve had several more issues surface recently and I am able to do much less than I used to, which is super frustrating. As a result, my studio/creating time is very limited. Unfortunately I can’t do everything I want to do anymore and I need to start prioritising.

I know that those of you who are creative will understand that my desire/need to create is increasing becoming less patient and so I feel the time has come to try and bring that forward as a priority. Plus I am now having more and more days where my body is simply just not cooperating with simple, everyday tasks.

Late last year/early this year, I wrote in the newsletter that I was contemplating closing the online store – not an easy decision by any means – and I had quite a few people email me to let me know that they would be very disappointed if this were to happen.

I appreciate those of you who have continued to order online from The Whimsical Bead, but unfortunately, overall, between that time and now, we haven’t had the support from our online customers to continue to offer this service.

I truly wish I was able to do everything but at this time, I’m just not able to.

As of Saturday 1st July, we will no longer be offering online sales through the website.

We are certainly not going anywhere though!
It’s because of the amazing support and response to the studio workshops that I’ve had to make the decision to close the online store as ‘workshopping’ is taking up a lot of time and energy – which is great as it’s also so much fun!  If anything, we’ll have even more great products up for grabs!

I will also still be offering mail order – you can phone or email your orders though – and the Blog will see some much needed attention and love (I’ve already started adding to this and will continue to do so – have you read the latest posts).You can now also add your thoughts and comments.
I will also still be selling/having sales through the Facebook group –

The Whimsical Bead Exclusive Sales Group and continue to sell through the studio.

I hope that you will all still stick around.

This is certainly NOT the end – just another chapter in our story which is ever evolving.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any queries or concerns and do keep an eye on the WebsiteBlog andFacebook Page.

Thank you all for your support,
Love Dani xx


  • Jane

    June 12, 2018at10:06 pm

    Do you have a mold that has tiny faces on it? If so what is the smallest face? Can you tell me the cost of the mold.

    Many Thanks

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