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Magic Glos™ is one of my favourite products. It produces beautiful results in a short amount of time and it’s easy to use also!

It’s MAGIC! This one step process is easier than 1-2-3. No additional sealing or cleansing methods are required. Magic-Glos™is a must have to help gloss, seal and protect your polymer clay masterpiece and craft creations.

There are many Magic-Glos™ features including:

  • Once applied to baked clay, Magic-Glos™ can be applied and cured over and over again.
  • Non-toxic handling and no odor.
  • Great for mixing or embedding glitter, dried flowers, beads, charms, etc.
  • No shrinkage and waterproof!
  • Wonderful for sealing transfers, foils, leafing mosaics and more!
  • Crystal clear results!
  • Easily creates enhanced faux dichro effects and domed cabochon effect with multiple layer applications.
  • Magnifies your design.
  • Ideal on creative surfaces to add shine or dimensional effects such as water droplets, raised patterns, etc.
  • No mixing
  • Cures in minutes!
  • Cures with direct sunlight or a UV Light

There is a wonderful You Tube Video from Lisa Pavelka, demonstrating how to use Magic Glos. It is worth a look and can be found HERE.

A few things to remember after watching this video is that ANY UV lamp/light can be used to cure Magic Glos (as well as direct sunlight) – you DO NOT have to use Lisa’s lamp.
Also, Magic Glos works best in bezels rather than flat surfaces. It tends to pull away at the edges and, as Lisa says in the video, you will need several coats.
When filling your bezel you can add several layers rather than one big layer as this makes it quicker to cure.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any queries on how to use this wonderful product.


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