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There has been so many wonderful workshops here at The Whimsical Bead and so many more planned. I have always loved classes and workshops. I guess I am one of those people who have a ‘thirst for knowledge’. I am also someone who loves a hearty chat and a good discussion too.

These days it is easy to get caught up in the hype of the internet and social media and we can forget how great it can be to actually physically attend a workshop. There is so much information online now – tutorials, e-books, webinars, pinterest, Facebook, YouTube videos….the list goes on. This is fantastic for those of us who live in remote locations or for whatever reason cannot attend workshops but for those of you who do have the option of a physical workshop does this overload of online media prevent you from attending physical workshops?

I have had people say to me, ‘Oh but information/classes online are free and/or cheap’ or ‘Petrol is so expensive at the moment -it’s cheaper and easier to learn online’ and other similar phrases.  Well, yes, I suppose these things are true, but have you ever stopped to think about the things you’re receiving from a physical workshop that you can’t get from a virtual experience??

I think one of the things I love most about attending a class with others is the interaction. Everyone is able to feed off each other, learn from each others mistakes, network and inspire each other.  You also get the chance to see and hear the little tips and tricks that the tutor has to share. Often there are things that seem insignificant or don’t end up in an online class as they’re just too fiddly to write down or too long to demonstrate.  I know this was the case when I did Melanie’s class last weekend. I had already ‘attended’ her online class (which was great!) but the physical workshop was completely different and my piece turned out much more successfully as a result.

Before I started The Whimsical Bead, I didn’t have access to many physical workshops/classes so I understand those of you who are jumping up and down and yelling at me through your computer screens right now!! I’m not saying don’t take advantage of the internet. What I am saying to you is this – if you do have the chance to take a workshop (in any sort of medium), think about what you’re really paying for – not just the tuition and materials but the chance to be inspired, inspire someone else, make some fabulous new friends and have a good ol’ fashioned gasbag! There’s really nothing like it. And when you’re inspired to create – not just ‘make’ – your pieces will be truly amazing!

If you’re looking to attend a workshop to learn a new skill, get some inspiration or meet some new people, why not jump on our website to see what’s currently on offer. We’re always adding new workshops online so keep checking back. I hope to see you soon!

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