The Whimsical Bead 16th Birthday Celebration Competition – ‘BLING YOUR BAG!’

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This year, 2022, The Whimsical Bead turns 16!
We missed out on celebrating our 15th birthday due to COVID and it was suggested that I should have a Sweet 16 celebration instead.

So, this is exactly what we are doing and as part of these celebrations we are hosting a ‘BLING YOUR BAG’ Competition!













Your Task:

Remember that blank canvas bag you recently received from us when you made a purchase at the studio? Well, pull it out as this competition challenges you to show us your creativity by decorating your blank Whimsical Bead tote bag**

First Prize – $150 TWB Gift Voucher

Second Prize – $75 TWB Gift Voucher

Third Prize – $50 TWB Gift Voucher

Plus we will have some bonus prizes too!

To Enter:

Send up to 5 x high resolution photos of your finished Tote Bag to


Bring your finished tote bag to The Whimsical Bead studio before the 12th September and we will judge in person (these will be returned to you after judging). Please attached your name, phone and email address to your entry.

Entries close Monday 12th September 2022. No late entries can be accepted.
This is open to all Australian customers of The Whimsical Bead.

Your entries will be judged by Dani and Leanne.
Each entry will be judged on (but not limited to)

  • Technique;
  • Originality/Uniqueness;
  • Overall Impact;

Decision is final. Winners will be contacted via email by 30th September 2022 and announced via social media and in our newsletter at a later date.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


** PS. If you don’t have a tote bag yet and would like to join in the fun, just let me know when you place your next order and I will send you one.
We do only have a limited number left though so don’t leave it too long!

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