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This week I have been creating a few canes….including another butterfly. I thought I would share some photos of the process with you. I took these at various stages throughout the cane making process.

Butterfly canes are something I haven’t had much experience in creating. I’ve only ever made one or two.  When I decided to create this new butterfly cane, I looked back through my collection of butterfly photos, pictures of canes etc. The cane I created wasn’t a copy of any of these things but rather inspired by all of these elements. I think this is the best way to create pieces. Rather than follow a tutorial right down to the last detail or copy a photo, it is much more satisfying to be inspired by these things and then create your own individual pieces.

As you can tell by my workspace, I am a ‘messy’ clayer. I have bits and pieces everywhere!! This is a photo of all the elements of the cane being created just before I started putting it all together.

The most important thing I’ve learnt about constructing complex canes is to take your time. Make sure everything lines up perfectly when putting all the elements together and that the cane is well packed. By doing this, you will ensure you have a beautiful picture with minimal distortion.

I let this cane rest for about 6 hours before reducing it but ideally I should have left it overnight. Anyone that knows me knows that I am just not that patient LOL!! Learn from my mistakes though.  In my finished cane, if you look closely you can see that the wings have distorted slightly. This could have been avoided with a little more patience!! Reduce slowly and with even pressure and you will end up with minimal distortion.

Once I had reduced my cane I let it rest for a few days….yes I was patient 🙂 . I then combined it with other canes I had previously made – leaves, flowers and another butterfly – to create some beads and rings too.

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