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Last weekend (20th June), I taught another beginner’s polymer clay workshop at Amya Beads .  We have now held 2 beginner’s workshops at Amya Beads and both have been a great success.

Whilst it is great teaching more advanced workshops, I do have a soft spot for beginner’s. People say to me, ‘Don’t you find it boring to be teaching so many beginner workshops?’.  My answer is always the same… ‘No way!’.  There is nothing quite like teaching newbies. The anticipation as they walk in the door, the horror on their faces as they wonder how they’re ever going to be able to work with this new medium, the look of excitement and satisfaction when they’ve created their very own beads. Priceless!

I feel very privileged that I am able to share my knowledge and passion of polymer clay with others – especially through venues other than my studio. If you would like to attend a Polymer Clay Workshop run by me at Amya Beads, contact Amy or Emma  to see what’s coming up or feel free to suggest a project – we are all open to suggestions.

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