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Sculpey Premo 57gm

Sculpey Premo is perfect for all polymer clay artists - both beginners & experienced - and is our polymer clay of choice here at the Studio.

Sculpey Premo is soft enough to blend easily but firm enough to hold fine detail making it perfect for specialized techniques. It is flexible, very strong and durable once cured making it the perfect choice for a huge range of techniques and projects.

Sculpey Premo comes in a large range of colours which are also able to be mixed to create a whole new colour palette if desired! It is also available in a range of ‘Accents’ which include metallic, pearls, translucents, granites, fluorescents and glitters.

Sculpey Premo is safe and non-toxic and is an oven-bake polymer clay that bakes at 130 degrees celcius. You can cure it in your home oven or in a dedicated portable oven which allows for much more flexibility in your creativity and also makes it practical and accessible to many people.