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Polymer Art Projects – Organic


Tenth Muse Arts, publisher of The Polymer Arts magazine, the upcoming magazine, The Polymer Studio, and the retrospective Polymer Journeys series, announces the release of the first in a series of projects focused books for polymer clay enthusiasts, Polymer Art Projects.

This series arose from consistent request for more polymer art projects and a desire to support and promote our great artists, so, after many conversations, Sage Bray and her team came up with this cooperative book project. All contributing artists in the book will be part of a promotion and profit sharing team. That means they are highly motivated to provide readers with some truly fantastic material on top of looking forward to sharing their love of polymer art. For less than a couple of dollars each, readers get 16 detailed tutorials that will expand their abilities under the guidance of some of the polymer community’s best instructors. The skill level of these tutorials range from the experienced novice to the intermediate artisan, with tips and ideas for polymer crafters of all levels.

The first in the series, Polymer Art Projects—Organic, includes tutorials by Donna Greenberg, Christi Friesen, Eva Haskova, Anke Humpert, Debbie Crothers, Kim Cavender, Stephanie Kilgast, Chris Kapono, Stacy Louise Smith, Nevenka Sabo, Adriana Allen, Dani Rapinett, Fabiola Ajates, Rebecca Thickbroom, Klavdija Kurent, and Sage Bray. Projects include a variety of jewelry as well as home decor, all inspired by mother nature.

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There’s a new book … and I’m in it!

The first in a series of projects focused books for polymer clay crafters, Polymer Art Projects – Organic includes tutorials by 16 amazing artists sharing their skills through a variety of jewelry and home décor projects, all inspired by mother nature. This is a unique, collaborative, profit sharing venture cooked up by Sage Bray of The Polymer Arts and her team to help support and promote some of the hardest working artists in our community as well as providing a wide range of polymer crafters a fantastic resource for building polymer craft skills.

PS…..I have been asked to sign a few of my customers books. If you would like me to do so, please just leave me a note during checkout and I’m happy to do so. – Dani