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Micro Mesh is a product created for sanding media such as wood, acrylic and metal however it works wonderfully on polymer clay.

It differs from sandpaper as it is made from flexible cloth.

This cloth may also be attached to foam pads (on both sides) to allow for cushioning when sanding (resulting in a better finish).
These are called ‘Soft Touch’ pads.

Although Micro Mesh works similarly to wet/dry sandpaper, there are some definite advantages to using Micro Mesh over sandpaper.
Whilst all sandpaper will scratch the surface of your piece, Micro Mesh produces a very fine and uniform scratch pattern meaning that you’ll achieve a much smoother and highly reflective finish than you could with sandpaper.

Micro Mesh also allows you to sand small and/or irregular surfaces more easily and get into tight spots you couldn’t otherwise sand.

You can also wrap Micro Mesh fabric sheets around a foam block or similar for a more consistent finish.

Micro Mesh Soft Touch Pads are colour coded according to grades and each kit comes with an easy to read colour chart.
It is important to remember that the Micro Mesh Grades and different to the way that sandpaper is graded.

Micro Mesh Grade vs P Grit Rating

1500 = P600 – P800

1800 = P1200 – P1500

2400 = P1500 – P2000

3200 = Finer than P2500

Micro Mesh Soft Touch Pads continue through to 12000 grade which leaves a scratch pattern that is unable to be detected by the human eye.

If you sand your piece through all of the Micro Mesh grades and then buff, you’ll be left with a super shiny, highly reflective finish.
If you would like a less shiny finish, stop at a lower grade or simply just use a few grades of the Micro Mesh fabric.

For the best finish, don’t work in a circular motion. Use a cross motion at 90 degree angles and sand lightly – you don’t need to use a lot of pressure.

You can work wet or dry – I prefer to use it wet myself.
You can use Micro Mesh again and again. Clean it with stiff brush and leave it to dry.

We stock Micro Mesh here at the studio.
Prices are as follows (current as of 26th July 2017):

– $19 for a set (9) of the small Micro Mesh Soft Touch Pads plus Colour Chart;

– $29 for a set (9) of the large Micro Mesh Soft Touch Pads plus Colour Chart;

– $5.95 for a 10cm sheet of either 1500 or 3600 Micro Mesh Fabric.

Information taken from my own personal experience and from Micro Mesh™.

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