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The Whimsical Bead




Poly Bonder™ is a high temperature craft adhesive that is designed to work perfectly with polymer clay and many other craft projects. Poly Bonder™ is easy to use, fuses in seconds, and is safe to bake with polymer clay.

Poly Bonder™ is safe and economical, and can be used with polymer clay, paper, ceramics, plastic and much more.
Can be baked in temperatures up to approx. 145 degrees celsius.


  • Instant-bond craft adhesive designed for high temperature use.
  • Safe to bake with Polymer clays!
  • Fuses in seconds.
  • Easy, Safe and Economical
  • No mess brush-on applicator.
  • Ideal for general crafting too! Use with paper, ceramics, plastic and more!




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