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Moiko silkscreens are handmade in Poland by artist Gosia Wawrzynczak.  They are of superior quality and some of the best screens currently on the market.
There are a huge number of Moiko silkscreens and a variety of patterns available.

Silkscreens are most commonly used in our community for polymer clay surface embellishment but they can be used on other media such as paper, card and metal.

You can use a number of acrylic paints with silkscreens. The best paints are a medium to heavy bodied acrylic such as Jo Sonja, Lumiere or Liquitex.   Personally I use Jo Sonja as they have a good consistency and are easy to use.
You can also use chalk pastels, inks, pigments etc. with silkscreens.


Place the shiny side down onto your polymer clay (or other media). The ‘Moiko’ name/brand should be visible and legible.
Take a small amount of acrylic paint and an old credit card/scraper/thick piece of card and with medium pressure, spread the paint evenly over the surface of the screen.  Use long strokes and start from the top of the screen and pull the scraper down in one long motion to the bottom of the silkscreen. Continue with these strokes until the whole silkscreen is covered.

Gently peel off the silkscreen.

Take care of your silkscreens by washing them immediately after use. Do not allow the paint to dry on the screens at all. GENTLY rub with your fingers under cold/warm water and pat dry – gently – with a lint free cloth. Do not scrub or heavily wipe as you will destroy the screens. All silkscreens are quite delicate but with the right care will last for many years.


Each screen measures approximately 74mm x 105mm in size.


– Whilst we take care to represent this product as true to life as possible, please understand that we can’t guarantee this due to differences in monitors/screens/resolution etc.

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