Makin’s Professional Ultimate Clay Extruder



The screen discs can be used for making hair, grass and floral stamens.
The flat slot discs for weaving baskets,lattice, ribbons and bows.
The square, triangle and half round discs can be used for bricks, logs, borders or cut and use for beads.
Other shapes included are teardrop, clover and hexagon.

This package contains one 165mm green anodised aluminum extruder with removable ends for easy cleaning, one washer and twenty discs.

It is important to remember that the Makins Ultimate Clay Extruder does not need to be pulled apart to insert clay or other soft modelling material. In fact doing so continuously will weaken and damage the Ultimate Clay Extruder.

Makins Ultimate Clay Extruder Instructions:
• Unscrew the green cap at the bottom of the extruder barrel.
• Unwind the handle until there’s enough room in the extruder barrel for the amount of clay or material you want to extrude.
• Always use very well conditioned clay or very soft moulding material. Roll clay into a snake shape about the same diameter as the extruder tube. Insert clay into the barrel from the bottom. Note: Although users are not limited to using only Makin’s brand clay, the Extruder was designed for use with Makins Clay which is very soft. Any other clay or material that is used in the Makins Extruder does need to be soft. Hard clay, may end up breaking or bending the plunger or stripping the threads on the screw handle.
• Select the extruder disc shape you want to use. Place this on the open end at the bottom of the barrel, screw the green cap back on to hold the disc in place.
• Turn the handle clockwise to push the clay through the extruder disc. There will be resistance as you get to the end of the clay. DO NOT force it past this point! Give the handle half a turn in the opposite direction and unscrew the bottom cap. This relieves the pressure and makes it easier to take the extruder apart and remove or add more clay.
• The O-ring (which is not visible but is inside the extruder barrel between the bottom and top piece of the plunger) does an excellent job of cleaning the barrel as you extrude. Although the Makin’s extruder is self-cleaning, it may be necessary at times to take it apart to clean it more thoroughly.
• To clean the barrel and plunger – remove all of the clay first. Completely unscrew the plunger till it reaches the end. Never unscrew the handle without removing clay because it can cause a vacuum which could break or bend the plunger. Undo the screw caps on both ends and then very slowly and gently pull the plunger straight out of the barrel. Don’t tilt the plunger at an angle because the rod may become stuck and bend.
• When the extruder is disassembled, clean the barrel on the inside with rubbing alcohol or a paper towel. A baby wipe will also work as an alternative. Check for clay stuck in the threads of the caps and on the extruder discs. If clay remains in the threads of the screw-on cap, it may prevent it from closing securely. Carefully run a toothpick or needle tool around the threads to remove any clay build-up.
• Clean around the rubber o-ring on the plunger with rubbing alcohol and remove any excess clay. Check the o-ring for damage and if necessary, replace it with the extra o-ring provided with your extruder.
• When replacing the plunger, carefully insert it straight (not tilted) into the barrel and thread the top and bottom caps back on.
• The Ultimate Clay Extruder will now be perfectly clean and ready for use once more.


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