Tronex Chain Nose Plier (7″)



Tronex is world renown for focus on quality, craftsmanship and innovation. Tronex cutters and pliers are manufactured in their US facility starting with the best quality materials and a unique, high performance design.
Tronex carefully inspects every single tool prior to shipment and offer a quality guarantee.

Tronex Cutters and Pliers are considered to be Lifetime Tools. This means that if you take proper care of them, they will more than likely last for your lifetime. Tronex Pliers and Cutters are “Precision” tools, and like most precision tools, they are designed for doing precision work. Note that “Precision” and “Heavy Duty” are two different terms and are often opposite in nature. The cost of a tool is not necessarily related to how heavy a gauge of material you can work with. To make a tool “Heavy Duty,” you often need to make it bigger and bulkier, which in turn makes it too big for precision work.

All Tronex cutters and pliers come standard with double cushion grips surrounding the steel handles. These comfortable grips have a non-slip, suedelike surface and are made from static-dissipative material which is ESD safe.

All Tronex cutters and pliers come with a useful protective cap designed to protect the tips, prevent possible operator injury and keep out moisture.

This listing is for Tronex Chain Nose Pliers with a  7″ handle. They feature a very fine tip, measuring only 1.2mm x 1.5mm when closed.

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