‘Octopus Porthole’ Polymer Clay Tutorial Kit



Our new Tutorial Kits are your ‘Workshop in a Box’!
They are perfect for combating boredom, learning something new or expanding your creative skills.

The idea behind these boxes is that you’ll be able to experience a workshop without needing any technology (whilst I’m thankful for it, sometimes I feel I need to just ‘switch off’) and very little (or nothing else!), other than what’s in the box, to complete the lesson/project. All from the comfort of your own home.

New boxes will be released regularly and we are also looking into launching boxes later in the year with video links so you can learn more in depth/technical skills.

Our tutors have many years experience in their chosen mediums, in most cases over 15 years.

These boxes also make fabulous gifts!


Did you know that by purchasing one of these boxes you are not only supporting our Australian small business, you are also supporting numerous Aussie businesses. We do our best to support Australian businesses ourselves (and in particular Aussie Small Biz). Our printing is done through our local printer, stickers and tissue paper are sourced through an Aussie small biz, boxes are also made and sold right here in Australia. 90% of the materials/equipment in this box is also sourced/purchased through Australian businesses.

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We’re so pleased to have US polymer artist extraordinaire Christi Friesen on our team of Tutorial Kit tutors to show you the  basics of sculpting with polymer clay and mixed media work.

In this box you’ll find a comprehensive 21 page tutorial booklet in which Christi will show you how she makes this Octopus Porthole with polymer clay, UV resin and embellishments.
A mini tutorial on conditioning polymer clay is also included.


Skill Level:
This project/kit is for students of all skill levels.


What’s in the Box?

  • Step by Step Instruction Guide
  • Premo Polymer Clay (5 x 57gm blocks)
  • Quality UV Resin
  • Filtered Face Mask
  • Open Bezel Components (these will differ from what’s shown in the photos due to availability)
  • Glass Eyes from the Christi Friesen range
  • Paintbrush
  • A range of powders and micas/pigments
  • Clear, wide packing tape
  • Jewellery making supplies (use is optional) – bail, jump rings, chain etc. (these will differ from what’s shown in the photos due to availability)
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Baking Paper
  • Card

There are enough supplies in this kit to create several ‘Octopus Portholes’ (at least 3) plus you’ll likely have some supplies left over for future projects.

Also included in the price of this kit is lifetime access to our Facebook Makers Group – ‘Whimsical Makers’ – and email support from us if you get stuck with anything or just need some advice.



What You Will Need (NOT Included in the Box):

Please note, the materials listed as ‘Optional’ really are optional. You can create this project without the items marked as ‘Optional’.

  • Tissue Blade (or cutting tool)
  • Sculpting tool (I recommend the Christi Friesen ‘Can’t Live Without It’ Tool)
  • UV Light (at least 36w to cure your UV resin – you can do this outside in the sunlight but it’s a little trickier to achieve a good result)
  • Oven Thermometer (highly recommended!)
  • Oven (you can use your home oven if desired)
  • Jewellery Making Pliers (2 x pairs of flat or chain nose pliers & cutters) (All Optional – you don’t have to turn your Octopus into jewellery if you don’t want to)
  • Fine Glitter – and a fine tipped tool for stirring glitter into resin (Optional)
  • Wet/Baby Wipes (or similar – optional, for clean up)


Most of these items are available to purchase in The Whimsical Bead online store if desired.

If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch.


I ask that you please read and follow our copyright policy as set out in the tutorial booklet included in this kit.
This Tutorial is to be used for personal use by the purchaser only. It is not to be distributed, shared, reproduced or used as a teaching tool in any way without express written permission of The Whimsical Bead.
I ask that you please respect this is my source of income. It is my livelihood. Many years of hard work, passion and soul go into not only my research and experiments but also my workshops and tutorials.
Thank you!

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