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The Whimsical Bead

Ear Hooks – Titanium


Shepherds ear hooks/ear wires are staple for most earring makers.
These are approximately 23.6mm in size,  .026″ thick and are made from niobium.

Made from Grade-1, commercially pure titanium, the ear wire is extraordinarily strong, impervious to fresh or salt water  and completely hypo-allergenic.
The open, inside loop makes it easy to complete your earring by adding drops or dangle designs.

Titanium offers a light gunmetal color, a bright finish and is lightweight and comfortable to wear.
It is an ideal choice for those with metal sensitivities.


Price is per pair.


– Whilst we take care to represent this product as true to life as possible, please understand that we can’t guarantee colours due to differences in monitors/screens/resolution etc.

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