Jovi Air Dry Clay – White (500gm)


Jovi Air Dry Clay can be used for many different craft projects including jewellery making, homewares, ornamentsand more. Due to it’s air druing capabilities, Jovi Air Dry Clay doesn’t not require an oven or kiln – simply leave it out overnight and it will dry on it’s own!
Once dried, it can be painted and then varnished for longevity.
  • Air dry modelling clay is suitable for all skill levels and a great medium for children.
  • This clay is easy to shape and texture by hand or with minimal tools.
  • Dries within 24  – 48hrs (I’ve found this clay takes slightly longer to dry than some  other brands which can be good if you  want to take your time with your design).
  • The clay is made from high quality, natural ingredients that are non-toxic.
  • Store in an airtight container once opened as if it’s exposed to any air it will harden. It is best to use the whole pack at once or within a few days if possible.
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Easy Clean Up (with water)

500gm pack of white air dry clay.

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