FIMO Air Light – White (500gm)


FIMO Air Light is one of the best air dry clays on the market. It is around half the weight of regular air dry clay  making it extremely light weight. It can be used for many different craft projects including jewellery making, homewares, ornamentsand more. Due to it’s air drying capabilities, it doesn’t not require an oven or kiln – simply leave it out overnight and it will dry on it’s own! You can also dry it in a microwave unlike other air dry clays.
Once dried, it can be painted and then varnished for longevity.

  • Ideal for art, recreation and hobby as well as for educational purposes in schools, kindergartens and other similar facilities
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Pleasant feel, does not stick
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Ready to use
  • Takes only 10 minutes to dry in the microwave
  • Hardened models can be modified (glued, painted, varnished)
  • Foil packaging prevents a drying out of the modelling clay

500gm pack of white air dry clay.

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