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Many of my students have been on Pinterest for quite awhile and many of them regularly bring their iPads and tablets to show me images and share inspiring images with their peers.

As many people will know I’m not a huge fan of social media! Whilst I enjoy being able to make contact with my customers and interact with them regularly, I believe that in some ways social media is taking over and is affecting our personal relationships. As with everything in life, a think balance is key.

Anyway, I had heard about the popularity of Pinterest but just hadn’t got around to investigating! Finally a few weeks ago when I wasn’t feeling to well I jumped online (as you do!)  and looked at setting up an account. I am now just a little addicted!!

There are so many wonderful images to be found on Pinterest. So many talented jewellers, photographers, beaders, clayers, metal artists, knitters, sewers, cooks…..well, you get the idea! When you’re not feeling inspired – this is the place to turn to.

Come join us! And don’t forget to let me know if you’re on Pinterest too so I can follow you!

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