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Recently we have just celebrated Mother’s Day and I wanted to share with you an activity we did with the children at the creche where I work part-time. Our Kinder teacher and I did this activity with our Kinder aged children (approx. 4 yrs old) for them to give to their Mum’s for Mother’s Day. I wish I had of taken photos of them completing their keepsakes as they had a ball.

We made each child a heart from polymer clay (Sculpey Living Doll Clay) and on it printed their first name and the year, 2011. I did this with a small Kemper Ball Stylus but you could also use letter stamps if you had them.  We then made a slight impression with a flower texture sheet just to give the heart a bit of extra character.  The children then each impressed one finger into the middle of the clay heart and together we dusted the heart with Mica Powder. Each child chose the colour they wanted.  The hearts were then baked according to the manufacturers directions.  Once they were taken from the oven and cooled down they were varnished with Pearl Ex Varnish.

In the meantime, our Kinder teacher asked each child what they loved most about their Mum. Answers varied from things like, ‘Because she does good cooking’ to ‘Because she’s pretty’ to ‘Because she is always nice to me and says nice things’. These responses were typed up, laminated and then attached the bottom of the baked hearts with a jump ring. On the top of the heart, a piece of tiger tail was attached and the children made a string of beads to hang their heart from. We crimped the end leaving a loop and this made for a beautiful Heart Keepsake for each Mum to hang up in a special place in their home. The children had a great time.

Perhaps this is an activity you could do with your children?

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