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Is your creativity in holiday mode? Has your mojo taken an unwelcome break? This happens to the best of us – usually during the periods when we’ve actually got time to create! There’s nothing worse than sitting down to design and make your next masterpiece only to be drawing a blank.  Perhaps you need some inspiration to rediscover and invigorate your creativity?

Why not try the following??

1. Take a Walk in the Great Outdoors!

Nature can be a great inspiration. Visit your local park, take a walk on the beach, sit on a mountain top etc. Inspiration can be taken from the smallest details – textures, sounds, shapes and colours are all so vibrant outdoors!

2. Create a Scrapbook or Collage Board

Collect images of things that inspire you. These might be of certain objects, patterns or textures or perhaps just a collection of colors.

3. Join ‘Pinterest’!

If you’re into the ‘digital’ rather than the ‘physical’, why not do the above on Pinterest??

4. Join a Group

Have a look for a local craft/art group in your area. Often there are groups that meet weekly or even monthly where you can meet other like minded people and share your ideas and get help with projects etc.

5. Play with a New Medium

Dabble in a medium that you’ve never used before. If you use polymer clay, perhaps try seed beading? If you’re a metal worker, maybe you could try sewing?

6. Enrol in a Class or Workshop

Learn some new skills in your own medium or a new one in a series of classes or a one-off workshop.

You may even meet some new friends and be able to form your own meeting group!

7. Clean up Your Studio/Creative Space

If you’re anything like me you’ve got supplies and tools in many places all over the house!

You might find that once you start sorting these out, you’ll come across that ‘perfect set of beads’ you just ‘had to have’ at the show you visited 2 years ago and now have the perfect project for!

8. Visit Other Artists Websites

Fellow artists can be a fantastic source of inspiration.

9. Go on a Gallery Tour

Look in your local area for galleries and open studios. Go and watch other artists at work. I love going and chatting to other artists and seeing their creative spaces. Always makes me want to come home and CREATE!

10. Carry a Sketchbook

I’ve never been one to sketch my designs but often I’ll be out and about and have a simple pattern or design come to me and I just don’t have anything to write it down on!

Happy Creating!

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