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Today I held a kaleidoscope cane workshop at our studio in Healesville, Victoria and what great fun it was! Rather than give the participants a specific ‘pattern’ to follow, we spent some time talking about the principles of kaleidoscope canes and tessellations – what makes up a kaleidoscope cane, colour basics etc – and I encouraged each person to create their own design.  This was met with looks of horror!! After some direction and reassurance, everyone was busy conditioning clay, jotting down designs and making basic canes such as jellyrolls, striped canes and checkboards.

This workshop challenged everyone in different ways – there was a lot of information for the participants to digest, particularly for those who had only been claying for a few months.  It was great to see everyone encouraging each other along, providing support and opinions.  Of the many workshops I have taught, I think the outcomes (the canes) in this workshop have been some of the best. I was truly impressed by the skill that was shown today and in particular the patience that was shown by our less experienced clayers.  Each participant should be very proud of what they have achieved today and I hope these photos inspired you to attend one of our next workshops or to just jump in and give caning a go.

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