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After a wonderful day claying with my buddies on Saturday, I spent Sunday preparing for clay guru Christi Friesen to arrive and  left late Sunday afternoon to pick her up from her previous destination.

I remember having such a great time with Christi last year when she visited, but I forgot exactly how great Christi is. I’ve never met a more generous, funny and informative tutor. Christi really is ‘the whole package’ when it comes to tutors and is an amazing lady personally too.

This year, due to Christi’s incredibly busy schedule, we didn’t host workshops, instead we decided to hold a ‘Meet and Greet’ afternoon/evening where Christi spent the day chatting, demonstrating, signing books and giving away prizes…….oh, and eating chocolate LOL!

After having some lunch……and at precisely a few minutes to 1.00pm the cars started to arrive! Within half an hour we had a studio full of people and they just kept arriving.  We all had a chat and then it was down to business with Christi demonstrating a bucketload of techniques……many from her new book ‘Flourish’ (now available in store).  5 hours later we had a room full of people who were very reluctant to leave!

Congratulations go to Liz, Nola and Christine who each won a prize on the day!

Some of us then went on to dinner where the laughter and chatter continued and then this morning it was off to the airport. Such a whirlwind visit however well worth it. Can’t wait for Christi’s next visit – she assures me she’ll be back next year so stay tuned……

For all the photos from our wonderful day, visit our Facebook Page.

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