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My ‘Ancient Organic’ polymer clay workshop is one that I have taught twice now. Once in 2013 and once only a few weeks ago. I try not to repeat my workshops too often however when the demand is there I’m only too happy to do so.

I’m so glad I did in this instance as I had a lovely group of ladies up here at the studio. The weather wasn’t exactly ideal – it was mid to high 30’s and rather muggy however we had the airconditioning going and it remained quite pleasant in the studio.  Midway through the afternoon though, we lost power for about an hour which created a little chaos due to the batches of unbaked components that still needed to be cured! The ladies used this time to have a read through the current magazines and re-hydrate themselves and before long we were able to finish baking our ‘organic’ components (and turn the airconditioning back on!!).

Considering the lost time, all the ladies did extremely well and almost all managed to finish their components ready to put together at home.

I thought I’d share a few photos of the day with you…….






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