Polymer clay is a versatile, low cost, exciting medium that has fast become popular.
Polymer clay is fantastic as it doesn’t air dry like other clays (it must be baked) and it bakes at low temperatures (usually between 110°C and 150°C depending on the brand - so can be baked at home in your oven). This allows for much more flexibility in your creativity.
You can achieve things so many things with polymer clay that are not possible with other mediums.

Polymer Clay is Dani's passion and polymer workshops have been run regularly here at the studio since 2008.
We have also been lucky enough to host world- renowned polymer artists such Christi Friesen, Melanie Muir, Maggie Maggio, Debbie Crothers and Wendy Jorre de st Jorre.
You can be certain when you're taking a polymer clay workshop here at The Whimsical Bead, you are learning from tutors who are highly experienced with this medium and can teach you all you need to know about polymer clay and how it works.

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'Exploration of Extruding' Polymer Clay Mini Workshop
In this fun 'mini' workshop, students will learn some of the many things that can be achieved with a..
Ex Tax: AU$54.55
'Married Mediums' : Focus on Polymer & Metal Workshop
Polymer clay and metal are two mediums that compliment each other beautifully and in this workshop y..
Ex Tax: AU$77.27
'Mokume Gane with Controlled Inclusions' Polymer Clay Workshop
This mokume gane technique is one of Dani's favourite and she's going to show you how to create some..
Ex Tax: AU$77.27

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