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Last Saturday, 1st August, I hosted a COPPRclay workshop taught by Lara LeReveur. COPPRclay was released in 2009 and is made up of pure copper, water and non-toxic binding materials. The binding materials vaporise during the kiln-firing process leaving you with a solid copper piece with a density over 95% that of cast copper.  COPPRclay has a pleasant consistency, is forgiving to hand at the leather hard stage, fires consistently well and has a large shrinkage rate (approx. 30%) which makes for good details of texture.

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Today in the studio we had a Metal Clay Play day with Lara Le Reveur.  These days are held every 6 weeks or so and are becoming very popular.  You can come and use our tools and equipment to create your own metal clay piece/s.   The great thing about this day is that you have a highly experienced tutor/artist on hand to help you with your designs plus you can interact with other metal clay artists, and get some ideas for future projects. 

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I am so excited to finally announce that the very talented and highly sought after Christi Friesen will be visiting Australia on a teaching tour in March 2012 and the  The Whimsical Bead will be one of her stopping points.

Christi works in mixed media, combining polymer clay, glass, acrylic, found objects, gemstones and semi-precious stones, glass beads, pearls, precious metals, and pigments to make her unique sculptures and art jewellery.

Christi‚Äôs pieces are all little works of art and her unique style is known throughout the world.  You can see more of her work at .

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After a wonderful day claying with my buddies on Saturday, I spent Sunday preparing for clay guru Christi Friesen to arrive and  left late Sunday afternoon to pick her up from her previous destination.

I remember having such a great time with Christi last year when she visited, but I forgot exactly how great Christi is. I've never met a more generous, funny and informative tutor. Christi really is 'the whole package' when it comes to tutors and is an amazing lady personally too.

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If you're a polymer clayer in Australia, unless you were hiding under a rock, you would know that the extremely talented, wonderfully quirky, US clay artist Christi Friesen has just wrapped up her tour here in Australia. Christi visited Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney and Adelaide as well as our studio here in Healesville, Victoria. 

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Today I spent the day at Funky Lula's Beads & Baubles in Mornington, Victoria teaching a workshop on creating canes. Each student created a leaf cane and a flower cane using colours of their choice. They then spent a few hours creating their own special beads.

We had a great day and I encourage those who are located near the Mornington Peninsula to visit Kerryn's shop. It's a lovely little place filled with a great variety of beads, findings and stringing materials.

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