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Hi Dani, I received my order today - and wow!!!! They are all fantastic. I'll definitely be back. Thanks again for your outstanding service and look forward to contacting you again. Kind regards, Leanne

- Leanne Stunden (Riches and Realms)

Just a note to say that I received order in the mail today. Thanks for awesome service, much appreciated. We live about 2hrs N of our nearest big city, so online shopping makes my life much easier, particularly when the sites are easy to use like yours. I make & sell beaded jewellery, & rarely get the chance to shop for supplies in Adelaide (tricky with a 3yo in tow!). Am always looking for new suppliers, so consider yourself one of them now! - Heidi -

- Heidi Hodge (Shiny Things of Black Springs), Adelaide

Dear Dani, I have just recieved the polymer clay book Under the Sea and I am inspired. I have lost my 'mojo' so to speak as a painter and needed to look for something else to keep me busy and this book is just what I needed. I will practise with plasticine before splashing out on all needed for the polymer clay, but really look forward to starting a new hobby. Thankyou for getting me back on track and also thanks very much for the free gift, I will save them and give them a try down the track. Thanks again, Yvonne.

- Yvonne Kennedy


Hi thank you so so much for the workshop yesterday! I gained so much skill and inspiration from the class and as soon as got home couldn't help but bring out the clay again! I love bead work but felt bored with range of beads to work with and this is an extension of that but an adddictive one at that! I still know I've so much more to learn and will definately be coming to another workshop or clay 'play date'!!! Lol! You're a great teacher and excellent source of inspiration! I promise not to send photos of everything I make but just so exciting finding clay and believing I can actually get good at it and the joy of creating my beads to make jewellery with!! Oh it's all just too exciting!! ~Leonie~

- Leonie, Vic

Dear Dani, I have received my parcel today and I have to say that the polymer clay beads and pendants are beautiful and true to name - delightfully whimsical. Your attention to detail in presentation makes each item a true treasure. Thank you, Rochelle

- Rochelle Rodier, QLD

Dear Dani, Thank you so much for all the gorgeous beads you’ve made for me over the years! I love them all to bits and have kept most of them to myself, despite constantly saying that I have to give some away to friends. You have such enormous talent and the most beautiful personality ever. And now you’ve just got yourself a new “convert” after teaching me to make my own clay beads. I am loving the freedom that this medium can give, and can’t wait to learn more from you, and of course, to stock up on more clay. Thank you a million times! Amy xoxox (

- Amy Ha, Vic

Hi Dani, This note is long in coming but still comes from my heart. I would like to thank you for the class I attended at Amya Beads. I had been wanting to take a class in polymer clay beads but only knew of one and that was much further down the coast. I enjoyed the class and had read a little about some of the processes, so once I had learnt a little, I then started to do more. I have made many beads and am loving it. Not loving the time it takes to sand and polish, but love the results. It has given me open slather when it comes to creativity. I have always loved colour and this has been a real buzz. Friends have even asked me to sell them some of my beads. Just imagine what they will think of my beads once I really know what I am doing!! I look forward to learning more and creating new and more interesting beads as well as making some jewellery with the pieces I have already made. You will definitely hear from me a little way down the track when I am ready to learn more, and more, and more…………………… Thanks for starting the ball rolling, Ilona.

- Ilona Joyce, Vic

I am from the U.S. and order from Dani's Whimsical Bead as often as I can. I know every item that I purchase will be perfect and the shipping is the fastest imagnineable. Dani answers my questions thoroughly and cheerfully and has helped me into the world of claying which I LOVE. I still purchase beading supplies from her too as this was my first love but claying with Dani's help is awesome fun. She has items to create with that I haven't found anywhere else.

- Beverly Jane, USA

I love accessing Dani's site as it is so easy to navigate and she has a wonderful array to purchase from. She is always helpful and friendly and her deliveries are quickly despatched. She has the time to spend helping with queries. It is always a positive experience when dealing with her professional approach.

- Karen Donald, Coldstream, Vic

I just love The Whimsical Bead! I use every part of Dani's service, including purchasing on the Internet and going to her wide range of workshops. There is not one bad thing I could say about TWB! I find her prices very competitive and I just love the quick and friendly service. The great thing about it is the range covers all areas of jewellery making, whether your a clayer or just like making jewellery from ready made pieces, TWB has it all! I would definately count this as my favourite online store!

- Emily O, Bayswater, Vic

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