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I have attended a number of workshops at The Whimsical Bead, focusing on seed beads and chain maille (with a few metal work classes thrown in for good measure).  Every workshop has been relaxed & informal whilst also being informative and supportive.  The tutors are knowledgable and very helpful ā€“ there seems to be no such thing as a stupid question!  The studio is comfortable and I really enjoy working in such a creative environment.  Seeing what others in the class are making is also great fun and gives me plenty of new inspiration and ideas to try out.  Booking classes and dealing with Dani is a breeze ā€“ she is courteous and helpful, nothing is ever too much trouble.  Thanks for running such great workshops Dani ā€“ Iā€™m looking forward to the next one!

Anthea Dickie, Vic

I had just started working with polymer clay when I made my first order at The Whimsical Bead and Dani was incredibly helpful. She answers all my queries promptly, never hesitates to give me tips and advice and always goes that extra mile to make shopping at The Whimsical Bead a pleasant and smooth experience. Thank you for all your hard work! Will definitely be back again and again.

- Barbara Chung, Vic

The service I received from Dani in regard to a past order was exceptional.  I had to contact Dani at the very last minute to fill an order for a workshop and her response, eagerness to help and speedy service was impossible to fault.  Dani is always incredibly friendly and will do anything she can to help.  Thanks Dani.

- Debbie Crothers, WA

Hi Dani,   

            Thanks so much for yet another great workshop (metal catch up with Robyn and Julie). I was able to pick up on some techniques I had learnt last year but they don't always sink in 1st time around and this was a perfectly paced workshop giving me plenty of time to really take it all in. It was especially pleasing to not only re learn these techniques and really understand them but to also take home a "finished" piece. I liked the linked steam punk bracelet before but now that I have made a really nice one myself I absolutely love it. I am keeping an eye out on your website for the next workshop I can attend. You always make me feel at home and comfortable to ask questions (even silly ones) and being a working Mum this is definitely my favorite "me" time. Thanks Dani.   Kind regards, Natasha
- Natasha Gauld,  Vic
I have been shopping with Dani at the Whimsical Bead for almost two years now.  She is always happy to help and accommodate my needs.  I have also attended several workshops over this time.  These have always been well organised and supportive of all knowledge levels.  She is always happy to help during these workshops, even if it's something else that you are working on.
It has been fantastic shopping with her and attending workshops, and I will continue to do so in the future!
Thanks Dani!
- Tamara Ellis,  Vic

The Whimsical Bead is an enchanting environment, that takes us back to those days when we were kids and it was all about us and our learning.  

The Artisan, Dani Rapinett, teaches all who attend with respect and enthusiasm.  This enables her students to walk out at the end of a class with the elated feeling that they have accomplished something great (even when they don't).  

I cannot recommend her style and techniques highly enough.  Whether you wish to learn a new skill for your own personal purposes or for your own business enhancement, Dani can show you ways to work with clay that you would never consider.  

A day at The Whimsical Bead studio seriously outdoes any massage or pamper package you would look to for relaxation purposes.  I highly recommend you book into one of her classes.  Just remember, consistent learning and stretching of the brain can help prevent Alzheimers (and what a wonderful way to do it).  In case you haven't figured it out - I think Dani and her business ROCK!!!!

- Cathie Cattunar (Vic, Student and Online Shopper for approx 5 years)

Hi Dani,

Just letting you know I received my order today. Thank you very much. So many yummy colours to play with, I love them!

Rhonda McDonald (QLD)

Hi Dani, I have just arrived home from this great day, my head is buzzing.....I have to admire the way you were an island of calm in the middle of our whirlpool, all doing different methods. You attended to our needs and even had time to ask if we had any (more) questions. Thank you so much, Noela

- Noela Shallard, VIC

Just got my order Dani, and wanted to let you know that I love the fact that you wrote and drew a smiley face. Personal touch is so nice. I wish I could attend some of your workshops, or wish that we had some here in southern Tas. Sigh. just keep muddling along on my own. Have a fantastic day, and Happy Spring for tomorrow.

- Claudette Wooley, TAS

Dani makes such gorgeous jewellery. I am lucky to have more that my fair share. Just gorgeous. If I was in the country I would do a class. Love the refreshed site! Well done and keep it up!

- Antoinette, Auckland, NZ

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