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Have done a few workshops at The Whimsical bead over the last year and have loved every single one of them. Great customer service, great tutors and great company in all the classes. Thank you Dani.

- Annette Manifold,  VIC

I attended my first workshop at The Whimsical Bead in January of this year (2014) and I had never worked with Polymer clay before so I went to one of Dani’s “Clay Play” classes. I found it to be an extremely welcoming and relaxed environment which was fantastic because I had never even touched polymer clay before.

Dani is amazingly supportive and takes the time to explain things to you so that you leave your class filled with confidence and knowledge as well as the beautiful pieces you made on the day!

The Whimsical Bead offers classes in other mediums as well so be sure to check out their website or keep an eye on the Facebook page for updates!

The customer service is second to none, the location is amazing and I have met some absolutely lovely people along the way.

If you have ever had a inkling to try something new or rekindle an old love with one of the mediums on offer at The Whimsical Bead then check out their site, you will not regret it!

- Brooke La Grue, Croydon VIC

Walking into the Whimsical Bead studio for the first time is a treat to the senses.

A mingling of art gallery, shop and classroom, its hard to know where to look first. With a lineup of possibilities displayed on every available surface, inspiration is immediately at hand in the varicoloured and gorgeously patterned beads and pieces of jewellery, made with a wide enough variety of techniques to have any level of crafter fizzing with excitement to create. There’s so much to see that one might be excused for repeatedly getting distracted and picking up things to look at (ahem).

The rainbow colours of the clay made me feel like a kid in a candy store, distracted by the desire to sample everything from the bold brights to the sheen of the metallics, the muted elegance of the granites and the party pop of the glitters. Thankfully the colour savvy Dani was on hand to guide in complimentary colour choices.

From the all important basic steps of conditioning the clay to the more intricate steps to creating masterpieces of colour and pattern, Dani knows just how to give enough instruction to make even the complete beginner at ease with the technique, then to inspire and to encourage each student to experiment and stretch their own creativity.

Dani is a wealth of knowledge and full of the little tips and tricks that can only be learned from an experienced artist. I left with a delightful array of beads and a treasure trove of expert advice on tools, techniques and product knowledge.

My desire to return for further classes is not promoted by any form of self-promotion on Dani’s part; it’s sparked by the best class I’ve ever attended (and I’m quite the veteran on various crafting classes, as teacher and student both).

The ‘Highly Addictive’ warning contained in the information pack is fully warranted. I’m hooked – hook, line and sinker.

- Sophie Tornatore, VIC

Hi Dani and Kay,

Thank you both for a wonderful day yesterday.

Dani thanks for organising these courses with your talented troupe of tutors. It was great to see new people discovering the studio in amongst us usual suspects. I think we use your studio as some sort of therapy session. The best kind of therapy of course.

Kay, you are an exceptional artisan and a very giving trainer. I know you were concentrating on skills but we all managed to finish at least one piece and to be able to put that on with the supplied cord was very satisfying. I have been to many courses where nothing gets completed which can be a little deflating.

I can be a little conservative when it comes to design but your sense of fun and play forces me to look at things differently. The idea of using tins and aluminium and embossing them to me is sheer brilliance as well as being a very cheap resource. I worked out materials wise the aluminium and clay cab pendant cost less than $1. I will be looking at what I consider items to get rid of in a new light now.

Kind Regards


- Laura Yodgee,  Box Hill VIC

Hi Dani,

My car will go to your studio on autopilot soon I think Ha ha!

I had been meaning to get to some of your courses over the last year but now was the right time for me. I’m building my skill set as I decide on the direction I want to take my future creative business idea.

So I was overjoyed today to not only learn the Mokume Gane process but to have comfortably squeezed in Mica Shift, the beads and how to glaze them. I like to learn the proper way to do a process then I can bend it to what I want it to do.

It was lovely to have others in the class who were at the same level as me (I was expecting to be the only complete novice). One of the most fascinating and enjoyable facets of these classes is how different everyone’s creations were even though we were all using the same techniques.

I’m really glad I booked in for this one. My folks were very impressed with my collection of pieces too.

Your skill and knowledge and your ability to teach is greatly admired and appreciated. I’m a very shy person by nature and usually feel like a fish out of water in social situations but I feel so comfortable in your classes. It makes the learning process much better. Thanks for another great day of learning. (Sorry I’m not on Facebook otherwise I would put a review on there. I have Tweeted about you before though.)

Keep doing what you’re doing.


- Laura Yodgee, Box Hill  VIC

Hi Dani and Nick,

Just wanted to send a note on how much I enjoyed the Jewellery Photography 101 Course last Sunday. I was extremely frustrated with my camera as no matter what I did I couldn’t make it take as true to real colours when taking shots of my creations. I now understand so much more and will feel brave enough to try and play with the other settings.

The course itself was well paced and the notes and especially Nick’s knowledge and great teaching style made the day both invaluable and highly enjoyable.

Keeping to the subject of jewellery photography made the concepts easier to take in and the light box set-ups and how to use them properly were useful and more importantly cost effective and easily achievable.

Good photographs will be vital as I get my handmade business up and running so for me it was money and time well spent.



- Laura Yodgee, Box Hill, VIC

I miss being able to “play” with Dani and learn all the new techniques that she offers.  She will keep you up to date and learning all the new materials that are available to work with.  I miss that very much being over in the USA.  Dani is a marvel at making everyone successful at all the new ventures.  Every new project is so exciting.  I may try it by the very long way of over the oceans.  Dani and her crew are so worth it.  I love her and all of your willingness you make me and all successful at new things. 

- Beverly Jane (BJ) - USA

Dear Dani,

Phoebe and her 4 friends thoroughly enjoyed the kids workshop you ran these school holidays. They were delighted with their Princesses they created and enjoyed just being 'with the girls' on a day out. When we arrived home they played on the trampoline for half an hour then came rushing in asking to open up their kits they purchased. Thanks so much for running this workshop and I am sure that if you run another one next school holidays that all of these girls will jump at the chance to go. You are so great with the kids and their varied ways of learning and responding and I could see it was great for their self confidence too. A great day had by all, thanks Dani.

Warm regards, Natasha.

- Natasha Gauld (VIC)

Hey Dani,

Thanks so much for today I had the best time, as I knew I would. You are truly an ariste. You were so patient and generous with your support and skill sharing our fantastic results were all your doing. 
The studio set up and gorgeous outdoor setting for lunch provided the perfect environment for creativity, great day.

I was absolutely thrilled with my beads etc., had no real expectations for the days outcome, but I  really did exceed my wildest dreams. 
In the words of Karen today  “I’m hooked”.

Will be booking in for another workshop as soon as finances allow.

Look forward to your newsletter and seeing you again soon

Cheers and many thanks again

- Helen Thompson (VIC)

Ever attended an event on a whim and have it result in an amazing experience?  The 2013 Bead Expo was this for me!  The diverse products available, the experts wiling to provide their time with advice at such a busy time gave me a window into an environment I wanted to be a part of showed this type of people that make this industry their passion.  I left having found something I want to be a part of - and certainly something far from the IT industry which consumes my working life.  
The event lead me to Dani and the wonderful and numerous services available at the Whimsical Bead.  Dani’s eye for detail, strong service ethic and friendly, fun and high quality workshops she both runs and arranges, have enable me to develop my beading skills at a pace that works for me.  From complete beginner with little confidence, I now can’t wait for the release of each new workshop relevant to my skills level, while practicing  my new found skills in-between.   Cant wait to get to those expert classes!!!!  
Dani and the team of expert tutors available at the Whimsical Bead are definitely where you need to be whether a beginner or an expert - there is something for everyone!  
- Sylvia, Vic

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